Enviro Education and ICT - An Unlikely Combination!

ICTPD Contract at Meadowbank
  • Began the contract in 2008 and are currently in our last year of the contract.
  • What is SOLO?
  • Impact on Meadowbank School.
  • Concept Overview.
  • Links to Enviro Education.

Key Competencies
  • Links to curriculum planning.

  • Links to Enviro Education

  • Links to the G2T Programme.

Planning Progression Example - linked to Healthy Eating and Sustainable Practices
2007 Initiatives
  • 'What's In Our Lunchbox?' - year 0-2 unit

  • Planning and construction of the junior orchard
  • Irrigation system planning and construction

2008 Initiatives
  • 'No Dig' garden created (first edible garden created by a single class)
  • Meadowbank School invited to be one of three pilot schools in the NZ Garden to Table Programme
  • Trip to Melbourne for the Kitchen Garden Conference

2009 Initiatives
  • Garden to Table was introduced to the year 4 classes. - cooking done in classrooms with very basic equipment and teacher directed.
  • Concept based planning introduced - two year cycle with strong Enviro Ed opportunities across the 8 concepts.
  • Sustainability (Term 1) and Enterprise (Term 2) Units - year 4 planning integrating Enviro Ed and G2T.

  • As a result of the above units the 'Pottager Gardens' were created and the pool terraces were converted into more vegetable gardens.
  • Planning and construction on Woodfired Pizza Oven - as part of year 5 Enterprise unit
Room 14 Pizza Oven Wiki
  • 'Sustainable Seed' garden created in collaboration with making the pizza oven
Room 14 Sustainable Seed Garden Wiki
  • In terms 3 and 4, Garden to Table was extended to one year 5 class (to incorporate the new pizza oven)
  • Our garden and kitchen specialist teachers were employed meaning the programme could be made more extensive.

2010 Initiatives
  • Garden to Table running as a permanent programme. (4 x Year 4 classes and 3 x Year 5 classes involved)
  • Enviro Education and G2T are largely integrated into the long term planning - concept based curriculum.
  • Continual development of edible gardens.
  • Planning for a school kitchen in progress.